Our Approach to the Commercial Design-Build Process

We firmly believe the Design-Build approach to project delivery is the wave of the future. That’s because, rather than pit the architect, engineer, and contractor against each other, it unites them under one shared goal—the success of your project.

Unlike other project delivery methods, you’ll have only one point of contact—us. We’ll be responsible for hiring, coordinating, and taking on the burden of all designers, subcontractors, and suppliers so you can focus on the aspects of the project that matter most to you.

But don’t think for a second that this means you have any less decision-making power. As the primary owner, you maintain 100% project control while taking on considerably less risk. Or in other words, a true win-win.

At MP Johnson, our Design-Build team will be there to support you and make the entire process easier—not dictate what you can and cannot do.

Advantages of the Design-Build Method:

(Compared to the more traditional Design-Bid-Build process of project delivery.)

  • 36% Faster Construction
  • 0.3% Lower Unit Costs
  • 1.7% Less Schedule Growth
  • 3.8% Less Cost Growth
  • 102% Faster Delivery Speed

Source: Design-Build Institute of America