Our Approach to Commercial Pre-Construction

There’s an old saying in the carpentry business—measure twice, cut once. At MP Johnson, we’ve taken that thinking to every project we’ve ever worked on, only on a much grander scale.

Before any boots ever set foot on the job site, our pre-construction team will meet with you, the design team, and any other stakeholders and consultants to equip you with all the information you’ll need to make sound choices during every stage of the project.

We believe pre-construction planning has the greatest influence on a project’s final outcome because this is the time when we identify any potential pitfalls that may put your budget or schedule at risk. We then develop timely solutions in advance so that these challenges never have a chance to fester into costly problems down the road.

At MP Johnson, we learn from every project we’ve ever been involved in and are committed to working closely with you and your team to lay the foundation for your project’s success.

At the End of the Pre-Construction Phase, You’ll Receive:

  • A Detailed Project Scope
  • An Initial Project Budget
  • Essential Project Details
  • Your Final Project Team
  • A Carefully Selected List of Materials
  • A Permit and Inspection Checklist
  • An Assessment of Any Potential Risks
  • Clear and Concise Communication