Our Approach to Sustainability in Construction

It should come as no surprise that the construction industry, by its very nature, is one of the top consumers of natural resources in the world. And with increasing concern for finite resources, there is growing pressure—both from the government and many private sectors—for the construction industry to minimize its environmental impact.

That’s a responsibility we take very seriously here at MP Johnson. In fact, it’s our goal to continuously reduce our energy usage and CO2 emissions by staying on top of cutting-edge tools and materials, choosing only those with the best quality, efficiency, safety, and life-cycle performance.

Beginning with the pre-construction phase, our team analyzes sustainability factors across all disciplines. And for us, sustainable construction doesn’t end upon the completion of the project—the design of the building itself should have a minimal environmental impact over its entire lifespan.

At MP Johnson, we’ve been on top of sustainability factors and environmental metrics for decades before they ever became a marketing buzzword.

Our Sustainable Construction Practices Include:

  • Using Renewable/Recyclable Materials
  • Reducing Unnecessary On-Site Waste
  • Designing Solar Energy-Based Structures
  • Implementing Automated HVAC Systems
  • Constructing Better-Insulated Spaces
  • Recommending Proactive Maintenance